Monday, July 12, 2010

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: 'Tisei is Right' About National Popular Vote Proposal

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette ran an editorial yesterday backing Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei's claims that the proposed National Popular Vote bill represents "an end-run around the Constitution."

The editorial calls on the Senate to reject the "NPV scheme," which would drastically change the way states choose a U.S. President every four years.

"Any state joining the compact of states would agree to award its Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate winning the most votes nationwide," the editorial notes. "In some cases, that could mean overturning the expressed will of the people in a given state, merely to satisfy the sense of entitlement that clings to the 'winner' of the popular vote for president."

The Senate is scheduled to resume debate on the National Popular Vote bill on Tuesday, with several amendments still pending.