Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Business As Usual on Beacon Hill

Last week, we told you about the Patrick-Murray Administration’s decision to abandon the MCAS exam and the state’s top-rated academic standards in favor of the national Common Core education model. This occurred just days after Governor Patrick received the endorsement of the MA Teachers Association – the same teachers union that pumped $2.6 million into his 2006 campaign for governor (see our July 20th posting, “MTA + $$ = The End of MCAS”).

This week, it was more “business as usual” on Beacon Hill. With Governor Patrick visiting the troops in Iraq, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray used his powers as Acting Governor to sign legislation that just so happens to benefit one of his major campaign donors.

Today’s Boston Herald reports the chief executive officer of the Savings Bank Life Insurance Co. made out a $500 check to Murray – the maximum contribution allowed under law – just six days before Murray signed a bill that will allow the company to begin charging different insurance rates for men and women. According to the Herald, SBLI CEO Robert K. Sheridan has made a total of $1,450 in contributions to Murray over the last four years.

The Patrick-Murray Administration denies there was any quid pro quo, but the situation seems anything but transparent – and it certainly doesn’t seem to pass the smell test.