Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patrick: Full-Time Governor or Full-Time Author?

Today’s Boston Globe reports that Governor Patrick has completed the first draft of his 200-page memoir, which is due to be published next April. You may recall that the Governor jetted off to New York two years ago to ink the book deal and collect a $1.35 million advance, even as his casino proposal was going down in flames.

Patrick has already committed to a nationwide book tour, telling publishers he would not only be “delighted to participate in a vigorous media campaign” but also would be willing to “travel across the nation for book signings,” according to the Globe. Which begs the question: with the state facing a structural budget deficit of between $2 billion and $3 billion, does Patrick plan on being a full-time Governor for the people of Massachusetts or a full-time author?

The Governor’s press secretary told the Globe that Patrick completed the book during his “limited free time.” But a book signing tour is going to require Patrick to be out of the state for an extended period of time, even as the state faces a serious fiscal crisis that deserves his full attention.

We have to wonder what Patrick’s second in command (and resident pit bull) Tim Murray thinks about all this. With Patrick unable to devote his attention to his gubernatorial responsibilities 24/7, will Murray now demand that the Governor step aside and let him take over the running of the Corner Office? But that may be a problem for the residents of the state, as Murray’s most significant role as Lieutenant Governor to date has been giving traffic reports to motorists calling 5-1-1. Unfortunately, the state recently updated the system, and Tim’s rather long and self-promoting greeting can no longer be heard.