Friday, June 11, 2010

GOP Winning the Battle for Our Veterans

There’s some good news to report in today’s Worcester Telegram and Gazette regarding the junior ROTC instructor who’s being forced out of the job he’s held for 14 years because he refuses to pay $452 in dues to the local teachers union.

According to the newspaper, Worcester School Superintendent Melinda J. Boone has issued a press release saying she will not terminate Major Stephen Godin from his position at North High School. Godin, who previously served 20 years in the U.S. Marines, was scheduled to lose his job on June 15 after refusing to cave in to the union’s strong-arm tactics.

Godin maintains that he should not be forced to pay union dues because he receives no benefits from the union. Half of his salary, as well as his health insurance, is paid for by the military, and unlike other teachers at North High School, Godin does not receive any stipend for participating in after-school activities.

Senate Minority Leader Richard R. Tisei (pictured above) took up Major Godin’s cause this week, filing legislation to exempt ROTC instructors working in any public secondary school in Massachusetts from having to pay union dues. Tisei also filed the language as an amendment to a bill that was advancing in the Senate yesterday. Despite the support of the entire Senate Republican Caucus, the amendment was ruled beyond the scope of the underlying bill.

Now, the Worcester School Committee is working with the local teachers union to allow the district’s other ROTC instructors to be removed from the bargaining unit so they won’t be classified as classroom teachers and forced to pay union dues. Another victory for our veterans!