Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poll: Baker, Patrick in Dead Heat

A new Rasmussen poll out today shows Charlie Baker gaining further momentum in his bid for Governor, while incumbent Deval Patrick is treading water and independent Tim Cahill’s numbers are sinking.

The poll shows Baker and Patrick in a statistical tie, with Patrick at 35 percent and Baker at 32 percent, up from 28 percent in a previous Rasmussen poll conducted last November. Cahill, who was at 25 percent in the November poll, has dropped to 19 percent.

Patrick scored low in terms of favorability and job performance in the latest poll. Of the 500 likely voters surveyed, only 13 percent gave the Governor a “very favorable” rating, while 30 percent gave him a “somewhat favorable” rating. The majority of voters have an unfavorable opinion of the sitting Governor, with 25 percent viewing Patrick “somewhat unfavorably” and 30 percent expressing a “very unfavorable” opinion of him.

The majority of voters also don’t give Patrick high marks for the work he’s done as Governor. Sixty-one percent say they disapprove of his job performance, including 37 percent who “strongly disapprove”. Only 14 percent “strongly approve” of his job performance.