Monday, March 15, 2010

Ode To Massachusetts' Taxpayers

Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei delivered the following "Ode To Massachusetts' Taxpayers" at the GOP8 St. Patrick's Day Breakfast in Scituate on Sunday morning:

Four years ago, our state’s voters were told
By a newcomer who emerged from the Democratic fold

Together we can! Deval Patrick’s my name,
If you vote for me I promise you … that I’m not more of the same.

The voters were angry, they had had enough
Of paying high taxes when times were so tough.

So they voted in Patrick, and then waited to see
What the promised relief on their property tax bills would be.

The voters were patient, but try as they might,
No matter where they looked … there was no tax relief in sight.

Patrick reassured them, yes, I know what I said,
But I need a new car and drapes for my office instead.

And then while we’re at it, why don’t we restore
All of those cuts made by Romney, as he walked out the door.

He spent lots of money and hired many a friend
And soon our rainy day fund was drained to the end.

The spending spree continued with new programs and more
He even found time to sign up for a new book and a tour.

But the economy soon tanked and we all know the rest
Rather than make the swift cuts … he though tax hikes were best!

The sales tax was raised as the economy dropped
And off to New Hampshire they all went to shop.

And a meals tax soon followed on our burgers and fries
But he could not raise the gas tax no matter how hard he tried.

Yes, the new tax on beer was difficult to swallow,
… a new tax on candy and soda will be the next to follow.

And it’s not just taxes, but all the new fees,
That have the state’s taxpayers down on their knees.

So here we are now, four long years have gone by,
And Patrick’s property tax pledge has been exposed as a lie.

Taxes have gone up $2 billion and more,
And who knows what else this man has in store?

But have some faith, and don’t despair
Keep in mind, it’s an election year.

We made a mistake and hired a faker.
This November we will fix things when we elect Charlie Baker!