Thursday, June 30, 2016

Southbridge Awarded Block Grant

Southbridge--- Sen. Ryan C. Fattman (R-Webster) and Rep. Peter Durant (R-Charlton) announced today that a grant of $825,000 was awarded to the town of Southbridge through the Community Development Block Grant.


The Community Development Block Grant gives communities across the Commonwealth funding to pursue community development projects and support the needs of low and moderate income residents.


“The Community Block Grant is a very strong grant for the town of Southbridge to receive. The grant itself will allow Southbridge to finalize and complete necessary town projects and will allow the town to continue with their growth”, said Senator Fattman. “ I look forward to working with the town officials and seeing the plans come to fruition.”


“This is a wonderful grant for the town of Southbridge. The grant will allow for the continued development and growth and will bring funds to close necessary projects within the town”, said Representative Durant.



The Community Development Block Grant Program is a federally funded grant program was created to assist small towns and cities to meet a broad range of local community development needs.