Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Senator Tarr’s Statement on the Scheduling of a Public Hearing for the "PAWS Act"

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) released the following statement today regarding Senate Bill 1914, An Act Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety (the PAWS Act), which has been scheduled for a public hearing on April 24th at 1:30 p.m. in hearing room A-2 of the State House by the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.  The bill offered by Senator Tarr has a total of 76 sponsors, with members of both parties and both branches supporting the bill:

“News that a long awaited public hearing for the PAWS Act has been scheduled is indeed good.  Sadly the heinous crimes against Puppy Doe, a dog who was left beaten, battered, and alone in a Quincy Park, is far from the first animal to be cruelly tortured.  Multiple examples exist across the Commonwealth, and now is the time for the legislature to act swiftly to take action against those who commit such heinous crimes.

The scheduling of Thursday’s hearing is a call to action for legislators, public officials, organizations, and all who care about animal welfare in our Commonwealth.  With limited time remaining in this legislative session we must deliver a united, clear, and compelling message that the legislature needs to act in a bold and decisive way to confront senseless acts of cruelty with strong penalties for abusers and a comprehensive system to prevent abuse and assist animals in distress.”