Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Senator Tarr's Statement on Computer Software Services Tax

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) released the following statement today, following published reports that the new computer software services tax introduced as part of the transportation finance bill could be subject to further legislative review this fall:

“It should come as no surprise to anyone that taxing the state’s innovation economy is a bad idea.  As far back as January, when the Governor proposed his version of the Fiscal Year 2014 state budget, Republican legislators have been warning that the new tax would seriously undermine the state’s competitiveness.

The new tax on computer software services was a bad idea when it was first proposed, and it’s a bad idea now.  We have opposed it consistently from day one, offering multiple amendments to eliminate or replace it, arguing at length during the transportation finance debate about its dire consequences, and we will be unyielding in our efforts to repeal it.  Putting a new tax on the innovation economy is no way to recover from a recession.”