Monday, April 8, 2013

Senate GOP Caucus to Protest Taxes and Other Fee Proposals Made by Governor; “Tax of the Day” to be Presented on Social Media Websites

With an onslaught of taxes being proposed on Beacon Hill, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) and the Senate Republican Caucus will identify and focus on one each day in a series of posts called “Tax of the Day” on the Caucus’ blog (, twitter (@SenBruceTarr), and their Facebook Fan Page.  The primary source cited will be Governor Patrick’s tax and spend state budget proposal for FY’14.

“A tidal wave of new taxes is headed towards us, and people need to know before they drown in higher taxes, tolls, fees, and fares.  Posting each tax increase proposal will increase transparency and help us all to focus on just how much of a new burden we will have to bear if the measures become law,” said Senator Tarr.

In the Governor’s budget proposal he targets over 40 personal tax exemptions, deductions, and credits; corporate and business taxes; changes in tax rates; increases to certain already taxed items; increases in fares, tolls, and fees; and others.