Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tarr on the Fox 25 Morning News

This morning Senator Minority Leader Bruce Tarr joined State Senator Richard Moore on the Fox 25 Morning News to discuss with anchor Gene Lavanchy a bill they sponsored that would protect the public's safety, crackdown on illegal immigration and safeguard against the misuse of public funds.

S.2061, "An Act to Enhance Public Safety", is a comprehensive legislative package that emphasizes both the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth and protects public funds such as public housing subsidies. Today at 1:00pm their bill, which is also sponsored by Representatives George Peterson and John Fernandes and has 48 cosponsors, will be heard by the Joint Committee on the Judiciary in Room A-2 at the State House.

To watch today's Fox 25 Morning News segment please play the video posted below. To read the actual text of the bill please click here.

Immigration Reform: Sen. Bruce Tarr: MyFoxBOSTON.com