Friday, August 12, 2011

Senator Tarr Discusses Habitual Traffic Offenders

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr had the opportunity to be a guest political analyst on Fox 25’s morning news segment “Tolman and Gray”. Former state senator Warren Tolman and Senator Tarr discussed the instability of the stock market and the possible effects it might have on the U.S. economy. Also discussed was the need to strengthen the habitual traffic offender law.

Later in the day Senator Tarr made a guest appearance on NECN’s “Broadside” where he was interviewed by special guest host Chet Curtis. Senator Tarr and Chet focused their discussion on the need to remove habitual traffic offenders from the Commonwealth's streets, the current Massachusetts’ habitual traffic offender law and the necessity to strengthen it now.

Please play the posted videos below to watch yesterday’s appearances. Also posted below is a report by Chris Cassidy of the Boston Herald which details a bill that Senator Tarr is proposing that would provide the registrar of motor vehicles with the necessary tools to lengthen the suspensions and provide possible lifetime bans of habitual traffic offenders.

Tolman and Gray:

Bill Would Allow RMV to Pull a Bad Driver