Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fox 25 Interviews Tarr on Gas Tax Proposal

Three years after Governor Patrick first suggested paying for transportation-related projects by raising the state gas tax by 19 cents a gallon -- a proposal that drew strong opposition from the Legislature -- the Patrick Administration has once again put the controversial issue back on the table.

The latest proposal, offered by Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, comes less than two years after the Legislature approved a 25 percent increase in the state sales tax, an increase that was intended to at least partially offset rising operating costs and a growing deficit at the MBTA (be sure to check out yesterday's Boston Herald editorial, "Fueling the Tax Talk").

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr sat down recently with Fox 25 reporter Sharman Sacchetti to share his thoughts on the gas tax, and questioned whether taxpayers can afford it. You can watch the segment in its entirety by playing the video link below.

Gov. Patrick's administration considers gas-tax, MBTA fare hike: MyFoxBOSTON.com