Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senator Tarr Issues Statement on Commuter Rail Oversight Hearings

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr released the following statement on the Transportation Committee’s decision to hold the first of two commuter rail oversight hearings yesterday, following a written request by the Senate Republican Caucus:

"I want to thank the chairmen of the Joint Committee on Transportation for responding to the concerns raised by the Senate Republican Caucus and holding this important informational hearing to get to the bottom of some of the problems that have plagued our public transportation system in recent months. Today’s hearing has given us a better sense of the contributing factors that have led to countless service disruptions and delays on our commuter rail system, but the public hearing process won't be complete until the public has an opportunity to be heard. I look forward to the second hearing on May 3 and hopefully others, where it is imperative that members of the general public have the opportunity to provide their comments and suggestions for getting the commuter rail system back on track. Armed with the information from today's hearings and the thoughts and suggestions of those who depend on commuter rail service everyday to travel, we then can and must do whatever is necessary to prevent continued hardships and disruptions."