Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest Jobs Figures No Cause for Celebration

The Patrick-Murray Administration issued a press release today touting the latest jobs figures for July as a sign the state is “rebounding” from the recession. The truth, however, is that Massachusetts is barely treading water.

The statewide unemployment rate remains at 9 percent, with 312,300 residents still out of work. Some communities are experiencing even higher, double-digit numbers, with Lawrence posting a 12.4 percent unemployment rate in June (July figures for individual communities are scheduled to be released on August 24).

Just today, the State House News Service reported that “Massachusetts remains far from its jobs peak of 2001 and the state has turned to federal loans to keep unemployment checks flowing.” Although the state has added 36,600 jobs in the last year, it’s also seen a net loss of 154,000 jobs since Governor Patrick took office.

The Patrick-Murray Administration can issue all the press releases it wants, but that doesn’t hide the fact that much more needs to be done to get the Commonwealth back on track and get Massachusetts residents back to work.