Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On to January: Scott Brown Wins Republican U.S. Senate Primary with 89 Percent of Vote

Congratulations to State Senator Scott Brown, who ran away with yesterday's Republican primary nomination by capturing 89 percent of the vote to defeat businessman Jack E. Robinson.

Brown will now face Attorney General and Democratic nominee Martha Coakley in the January 19 special election to fill the seat left vacant by the death of U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy. A victory by Brown in January would give the Massachusetts Republican Party its first U.S. Senator since Edward W. Brooke, who served in Washington from 1967-1979.

"They say I'm the long shot, and if the same old powers-that-be get to decide this election, I guess that's right," Brown told supporters at a post-election celebration last night. "But I'm betting that a new day is coming in Massachusetts."

Brown has promised not to be "another rubber stamp," but rather an "independent voice" who will "take my orders from you, the people who sent me to Washington to make a difference."